hallieHi. I’m Hallie – the girl next to the corner office, aka Chief of Staff to Adam Hergenrother.

I am passionate about the Executive Assistant role (which, you’ll come to find is a term I use loosely and to me encompasses Executive Assistants, Senior EAs, and Chiefs of Staff) and believe it is not just a stepping-stone to another position, but a dynamic career all on its own. I created Lead and Assist as a way to share my knowledge and passion for the Executive Assistant career; from productivity tools, to time management, to schedules, to leadership, leverage, and letting go – we’ll cover it all. Assistants are force multipliers. Whether you are an Executive Assistant interested in learning how to build a dynamic and fulfilling career or an Executive looking to hire or establish a better relationship with your right hand, you’ve come to the right place.

I have been an assistant since I was fresh out of college. From a PR/marketing coordinator at a non-profit, to an Executive Assistant to the Principal at a large public high school, to a real estate assistant, to Chief of Staff for a serial entrepreneur and empire builder, I have seen many facets of the assistant role. I am lucky to have found my niche so early on in my career and to be able to focus on my strengths – executive support, project management, internal and external public relations and communication, leadership, recruiting, and relationship management.

I love the challenges, the responsibility, and the growth opportunities that come with being the right hand to a power player. My goal is to coach Executive Assistants to be able to say the same, while they lead and assist and love what they do along the way.